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Why Choose Us?

Our business directors and staff are alumni of prestigious universities in Scotland. Therefore, our services are embedded in Scottish educational system, culture and heritage as well as working closely with all Scottish institutions in order to make sure international students feel warmly accepted into Scottish environment. Our Mobile app is designed through our first-hand experience in providing solutions to international students’ concerns in terms of application for admission, acceptance, visa application, pre-departure as well as enrolment.

We understand the challenges international students faced in settling down in a new environment and the feel of loneliness when away from home, and that is why we are providing ‘everything’ necessary for students to settle-in into the new life in Scotland with ease and without any charges. We are determined to create an easy and awesome experience for our the international students from start to finish. Our Mobile app will help students experience a seamless journey from applying from their various homes to beginning a new life in Scotland just by the touch of a button.